Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptbid is a marketplace for goods of all kinds where only cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment.

All transactions are secured via an cold wallet. So the buyer transfers to our wallet the coins, we will forward them to the seller only in case of proper delivery. To protect ourselves from cybercrime, we have a cooperation with “ANTI-CYBERCRIME-AG”, also we have a MEDIA LIABILITY INSURANCE with HISCOX Insurance Company.

Short and sweet – yes (become a vendor)! However, vendors should be aware that all of their information must be recorded correctly and that they must properly pack and ship their goods. This includes, among other things, that shipments must be properly accounted for in case of doubt. Customer protection and satisfaction is Cryptbid’s top priority, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact support.

Yes, but this question is of course justified. We are a registered corporation based in Germany, Munich (Amtsgericht München HRB 465486), fiscally managed under the VAT ID 86434548.

For buyers the use of Cryptbid services is free of charge. Sellers only have to pay a 4% fee (see our Cryptibd Commission Promise) on successful transactions. In addition, sellers can have their products highlighted or purchase additional services.

Cryptocurrencies may be accepted and used as a means of payment in most countries. In addition, it is virtually impossible to trace transactions due to the blockchain. However, please inform yourself about the status in your country.

Whether it’s CBD flowers, TVs, smartphones or skateboards, you can really sell anything here within a legal framework. Please behave properly as a seller, then you can build up a long-term crypto portfolio with Cryptbid by selling products.

As a short introduction to the world of Crpyto we recommend this video Then create your own wallet via a major provider such as Binance or ETORO and go through a payment process as you know it from other online portals.

Our recommendation is a hardware wallet such as Trezor with which you have full control over all your cryptos.

We are still a small team and WP gives us the possibility to realize everything we can imagine. We work together with professional assistance and the almost endless possibilities of customization has given us the opportunity to create something wonderful. CRYPTBID! for a big cryto community!

Quick and simple explained it has something to do with our customer protection. If the package does not arrive within this time the customer can contact the cryptbid support and we will check what the problem is and the transaction to the vendor will be stopped.
If a vendor stands out because of this we will immediately exclude him from CRYPTBID.
A verified good vendor that is trusted can also have the time limit reduced to one day.

The most important thing when choosing a wallet is to check if a withdrawal can be made quickly. There are providers where it is necessary to enter a wallet address 24 hours before withdrawal. With this you can not pay on CRYPTBID. The possible fluctuation of the exchange rate makes this impossible. Before buying an item, make sure that the minimum payment amount is reached and that the withdrawal is fast. We have personally made good experience with the Trezor Wallet. There are exchanges that have incredibly high withdrawal costs. With a hardware wallet like Trezor, your coins are safely stored and the transaction costs are at a minimum. When large exchanges charge 16€ for a transaction, this is with Trezor at about 0.26€.

As a vendor you can specify any wallet address. Please be sure that the address is correct before submitting your withdrawal request. This address can be verified when you request a withdrawal. A withdrawal from an incorrect or expired address cannot be reversed.

At the end we have to say.

Not your keys not your coins!

We would always recommend an own wallet and not an exchange.

If you have any further questions, please check the web or send us an email.

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